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Raw Food Diets: How to Use Irish Moss in the Kitchen

Irish Moss seaweed is a versatile ingredient that can add texture & nutrition to a variety of dishes, but is especially useful if you are committed to raw and unprocessed foods. Irish moss seaweed is growing in popularity – fun fact – Irish Moss was the most searched term on Pinterest in 2019!irish moss

Irish Moss seaweed can be used when making raw deserts, soups/broths & smoothies and sauces.  Irish moss can be used any time you want something smooth, thick or creamy without having to use heat. Once you have made the gel/paste with the Irish Moss, it can be stored in the fridge for 2-3 weeks or frozen in ready to use containers to be used in a number of different ways.  The quantity of gel will vary with its consistency and the ingredients in the recipe – it’s a bit of trial & error but we hope the guidelines below may help:

Use Irish Moss to Give a Creamy Texture to Drinks
Whether you are working with smoothies, nut milks or juices, you can adjust the quantity of gel to achieve the perfect texture. Guideline: add ½ tsp of gel per cup of liquid, and blend. One advantage is that it makes it easier to chew the drink and activate the digestive enzymes which give a feeling of fullness, while adding so few calories!

Use Irish Moss to thicken sauces
Add ½-1 tsp of gel/cup of liquid, and blend.

Use Irish Moss to replace fat or oil in dressings
Replace the fat (oil, coconut butter or dairy cream cheese) by the equivalent amount of gel.

Use Irish Moss to give a light fluffy texture to frostings, dips, nut cheeses and deserts
Cut back on the nuts, process all your ingredients and add the equivalent amount of gel to what you cut back at the very end. See Raw pudding

Use Irish Moss to firm up raw cheese cakes and fruit leathers
Replace some of the coconut oil, cacao butter or nut cream with Irish Moss gel; the result will be lower calories and keep its texture better outside the fridge. It will take a few hours to firm up in the fridge. See Blueberry Fruit Leather

Use Irish Moss to replace eggs in vegan baking
Irish Moss gel can also be used in raw vegan baking to replace eggs and other ingredients to give a bread-like texture & appearance.

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