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Explore our ethically harvested, delicious range of edible seaweeds

Nutrient rich, essential everyday pantry ingredients!  Tested for contaminants, packed in fully recyclable packaging. 

Good for You, Good for Our Planet.

Seaweed is densely nutritious, cleansing, and balancing. Food grown on land, in soils which are increasingly depleted, lacks the micronnutrients, minerals and trace elements we need for optimal health. Add a small serving of any of our delicious sea vegetables into your daily diet for optimal health.  Seaweed’s status as a 'vegan superfood' grows daily, as does awareness of the remarkable role seaweed plays in our planet’s health.

Pacific Harvest, are trusted seaweed specialists. We are deeply inspired by our purpose to nourish and restore people and planet, naturally.  All our seaweeds are sustainably harvested, and tested for contaminants.  We're on a mission to make it easier to eat just a little seaweed everyday.

Replace Salt

Substitute if you are on a low sodium diet

Season with Seaweed

Add nutrients and umami flavour to your food.

Cook with Sea Veggies

A range of Umami Flavours!

Discover the benefits of seaweed


Seaweeds contain all the nutrients essential to health.


Seaweeds are highly cleansing, helping to eliminate dietary and environmental toxins.


Seaweeds help to balance the body's self-regulatory systems.

Edible Seaweed Tips

Seaweed opens a new world of umami flavour, and adds amazing colours and texture to everyday meals.

No need to change your current favourites, just experiment with adding seaweeds for a nutritional boost.

Small changes will have a big impact on your health and wellness.

Seaweed Recipes

Delicious recipes you can make at home with seaweeds.

Dazzling Crispy Nori Crackers

Our crispy Nori crackers offer a wonderful savoury, umami flavour which is deeply satisying ~ to the pallet but also genuinely healthy. Gluten and dairy free.

Delicious Dairy Free Banana Muffins with Kelp Seasoning

These light and healthy dairy free banana muffins with kelp are moist and flavourful! Replacing salt with kelp also adds a boost of nutrients!

Olivia’s Banana, Avocado & Irish Moss Smoothie

A smooth, cleansing, filling, delicious and quick to make smoothie with Irish Moss gel.

Raw Nori Nourish Bowl

Zucchini & Red Sea Chicory Salad with Lemon & Caper dressing

Manuka Smoked Dulse Butter Recipe

This smoked dulse butter recipe was described as ‘vegan caviar’ at the Auckland food show. So quick, easy and impressive with outstanding flavour!

Seaweed Salt Crackers

Healthy gluten free seaweed salt crackers. These are easy homemade crackers which can be kept in the cupboard for easy snacking and nutritious at the same time!

Roasted Mushroom, Feta and Smoked Dulse Pasta Recipe

Try this gorgeous, aromatic, umami-flavoured pasta “sauce” with the subtle sweetness of the Mānuka wood smoke softening and intensifying the naturally smoky dulse flavour.

Healthier Banana Bread Recipe with Sea lettuce

This healthier banana bread recipe with sea lettuce will offer a soft flavour and is iron rich and iodine rich, thanks to the addition of sea lettuce.

Tim’s Sweet Chilli Prawns

Tim’s Sweet Chilli prawns are a real crowd pleaser and so easy to prepare. You can experiment with garlic kelp if you prefer it to the chilli.

Refreshing Sea Spaghetti Salad Recipe

This is a refreshing Sea Spaghetti Salad Recipe. Sea spaghetti is a ‘noodle-like’ shape with a mild taste, this salad is guaranteed to make you feel refreshed and light.

Fresh Soba Noodle Recipe with Power of Three

Want a refreshing salad with some delicious soba noodles with a sprinkle of the sea? Then this recipe is for you. 

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