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Our Seaweed Range is now available in 100% recycleable packaging

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We are a small company with big ambition to leave a positive impact where we tread on our beautiful planet.  After food safety and quality, our major priority is to work steadily towards improved sustainability in everything we do.  In October 2020 we took a big step and refreshed our whole product range. We are extremely proud of the fact our packaging is 100% recycleable.

Because seaweeds easily absorb moisture, we needed to ensure we have adequate barriers in our packaging to ensure the product does not become moist (more likely to harbour bacteria).  This immediately limited our options, based on the technology currently available in New Zealand.

We don’t believe we will ever ‘arrive’ at the perfect solution – it will be a constant evolution as new technology becomes available.

  • Ideally we would have packaging made from seaweed - watch this space as these options become commercially available!
  • Compostable plastics need the right conditions to breakdown and New Zealand is not yet mature in the practice of composting.  Additionally we cannot yet guarantee that the moisture barrier properties of compostable packaging will be adequate for seaweed.
  • Glass and aluminum have both quality and sustainability attributes but as we ship many products online, we rulled glass out, due to its higher carbon footprint. Glass is also not as environmentally friendly as some may think!
  • We need to ensure our packaging supply is reliable to minimise disruption of supply for our customers and that we keep our products affordable
  • Compostable packaging and soft plastic recycling in NZ are relatively immature industries in NZ – there is no perfect solution yet and the industry is in a massive state of flux as it tries to re-calibrate to better serve consumer demand for high quality packaging which is environmentally friendly

We’ll keep you posted on our journey and appreciate your feedback and input, and your patience as we transition our entire range.

Questions About our Packaging Choices?

Why do you use recyclable plastic packaging?


We need to select the best packaging for the job based on a number of factors. These include their moisture barrier properties (to ensure product safety), recyclability, shelf life, quality and price. Our carefully selected packaging is intended to find the right balance between all of these factors, at the same time as leaving as gentle a foot print on the planet as possible.

Will you start to use compostable packaging?

As with recyclable packaging, it is important to find compostable packaging that has suitable end of life solutions to avoid ending up in landfill.  We will continue to monitor the situation in NZ and Australia and make changes as the technology becomes available.  At present we have not come across any compostable options which are able to provide adequate moisture barrier protection to keep the seaweeds dry.

Where can I recycle the plastic bags?

You can recycle the soft plastic bags which protect our seaweeds here in New Zealand and through these stations in Australia.  All of the packaging needs to be completely clean, dry and free of all food residue. This is important as otherwise it cannot be recycled.

How is the plastic recycled?

The plastic is first shredded and then melted down into a raw material and is then used as an alternative to virgin (new) plastic or imported recycled plastic.


Why didn't you use glass?

Glass has a much higher carbon footprint than recyclable packaging. Whilst it looks and feels nicer to touch, it also presents some health and safety challenges as much of what we send to customers is through couriers - glass breaks more easily.

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