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About Us

Inspired by Our Purpose and On a Mission!

Nourishing and restoring people and planet, naturally....

This is what we get out of bed everyday to do and find it deeply inspiring.  We are on a mission to make it easier to eat a little seaweed everyday.

Trusted Seaweed Specialists

Since 2002 we have been trusted by natural health and nutritional communities, to offer a range of sustainably sourced, food grade seaweeds in easy to use, everyday formats. We specialise in, and obsess about seaweed. The more we learn, the more we love it!

We feel like a 20 year old start up ~ there is never a dull moment learning about seaweed, and adapting to the fast-changing world we live in!

Our customer base is wide - we supply leading health and organic shops, chefs, health well as anyone seeking more flavour and nutrient dense, plant based ingredients.

Seaweed is the food of the future! We are delighted our business is a finalist in the New Zealand Food Awards, innovation category this year.  Two of our products were also selected as finalists in the pantry category (Seaweed Salt) and Artisan Category (Power of three seaweed flakes).


We deeply care about where our seaweeds come from. Whilst Pacific is in our name, and we support local wherever possible, we also offer a carefully curated range of seaweeds from other oceans.

With the ninth longest coastline in the world, the ocean is central to life here in New Zealand. The seaweeds harvested from our shimmering unspoilt oceans are nutritious and pure.

Product to promote New Zealand, we carry the New Zealand Fernmark on our New Zealand harvested seaweeds. This is the New Zealand government's official 'country of origin' accreditation programme.  When you see this stamp on our products you know they are authentic.

Pacific Harvest team photo May 2021

We are a small team,  looking forward to being able to all be in the same building again once our lockdown ends! This photo needs an update when this is possible but our team includes:

Lia, Olivia, Angie, John, Kelly, Hayley, Monique, Amber and Amy.

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