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Pacific Harvest are specialists in the supply of edible seaweeds. For over 18 years we've been trusted by the natural health and nutritional communities to bring a range of ethically sourced, food grade seaweeds in easy to use, everyday formats. We test for contaminants in accordance with the NZ Food Code and proudly supply leading chefs, specialty health and organic stores and health practitioners around New Zealand and Australia.

Although 'Pacific' is in our name, we offer seaweeds from the Atlantic and other oceans too - we work with a range of ethical seaweed harvesters who harvest in clean areas with sustainable practices.

We're deeply inspired by our purpose to enable a greater sense of vitality and connection to the natural world.  We:

  • Are a small team on a wonderful learning curve – we purchased the business from Doug and Louise Fawcett, who started the business in 2002 and retired in November 2019
  • Offer seaweeds as mouth-watering and healthy superfoods (there are many uses for seaweed - our sole focus is nutrition.  We have a food safety license (NP3) and operate under New Zealand’s strict food safety standards
  • Are inspired and increasingly excited by the opportunity to grow a sustainable business with high standards of integrity, and quality products that will improve both the health of our families and the planet
  • Continue to be amazed by the vast and largely unrepresented topic of seaweed, and what an incredibly positive impact it can have on the planet
  • Are passionate about building New Zealand’s reputation in the emerging seaweed industry in a sustainable and ethical way. There are several aspects to this:
    • the ocean is central to life in New Zealand and the food that comes from our shimmering, clean, unspoilt seas is nutritious, uncontaminated and pure
    • New Zealand has the 9th longest coastline in the world, which is home to over 1,000 native species of seaweed.  We think there is remarkable opportunity for New Zealanders and the regional economies to partner and build the base for a future industry with ethics and sustainability at its core
  • Whilst we do not harvest ourselves, we will continue to build strong partnerships with ethical harvesters who have appropriate food safety certifications
  • Are on a packaging journey towards increasingly planet friendlier solutions which have adequate moisture and light barrier properties to maintain our quality, whilst also reducing the use of plastic and providing better recycling options. Read more about this here.

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