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Over the years, we have been grateful to receive a lot of feedback from our customers and supporters who are on the seaweed journey with us.
Here's what they have to say:

Love Seaweeds, Excellent Service

Thanks for the great range of products that I can’t get elsewhere - I love including seaweeds in my diet not only for taste but the health benefits. And your service is prompt and excellent.

Bridget, Levin (March 2021)

Excellent customer service

Thanks so much for all your extra attention on this order.

I have received the replacement 😊😊😊

Fantastic customer service and really appreciate your efforts, I will definitely continue to buy from you in the future.

Have a great day.

Adele, Gisborne

Such variety, great quality, great benefits

I am a Kiwi living on the Sunshine Coast, I have bought it in NZ and bought it back to Australia. I love it, love the variety and quality of your seaweeds – each one offers different benefits.  I have had  excellent service every time I have ordered – thank you – would love to see your products  here in Australia, I think they are superior. There is not a lot of choices.

Lee Gibson, Sunshine Coast

Hard to find good quality seaweed

Thank you for selling me a product that I have had difficulty sourcing elsewhere.

Jennifer, Melbourne

Eliminating heavy metals for autistic son

I like your product and bought it specifically to use in a detox smoothie – Medical Medium – for eliminating heavy metals (my son is autistic and I try anything!! as he is overloaded with metals – especially mercury, aluminium).

Carolyn, Sydney

Flavoured Kelps

Love, love, love the smoked and kelp salts!  Helena, Melbourne

Shipping to Australia

Just wanted to thank you for your products and delivery service to AU – lived in Wellington, NZ and was used to buy your products there so relieved I can still get them on line.  Peter, Sydney

Efficient service

I was impressed by the efficiency of postal and being told where it was along the way. Very happy with service and price, thanks.  Janet, Brisbane

Seaweed Talk, Selwyn College – Auckland

Hi Louise

All of us were in awe of your Sea Vegetables session the other day. It was so informative – we took away a lot from it.

We asked our workshop participants for feedback on the Raw Power sessions and one very young lady had great things to say about your products. Read below.

‘My favorite raw power tester I tried was the seaweed. I thought that it was very yum yums. Thank you very much, I loved every moment of it.’ 



Karina, new customer Dunedin

I really enjoyed meeting you at Taste Nature…I was the last lady you spoke to on the day, Karina.

Thank you very much for the information you gave. I am SO pleased to have been educated about the seaweed benefits and the quality of your products. I do love seaweed and had looked at your products but it was a little difficult for me to buy due to the price. Having a better understanding of the benefits and qualities helps me to justify the expense and as you have explained, a small amount goes a long way.

I look forward to making seaweed part of my everyday diet and as my health is my number one priority I am very pleased to know that through your product I am gaining great nutritional value as well as health support. I cannot wait to purchase the spirulina as well.
Thank you very much Louise. I wish you and your husband all the very best. I am sure you have worked extremely hard to get the company to where it is today. May it grow and grow to be a great success and may many people benefit from your work.

Chef Ranieri Silva

I have been using Pacific Harvest products for years now. I like using them because of a number of reasons:

  1. I am a proud to supporter of New Zealand, Pacific Harvest is one of the easiest companies to deal with, deliveries are always prompt and the quality is always outstanding.
  2. Since I started re-educating my chef skills to nourish people instead of just feeding them, I use sea vegetables. It adds great mineral content to the meals I create. Normally I cater for many mid-age woman with some sort of thyroid disorder, the addition of seaweed provide them with a natural and bio-available load of iodide
  3. The Pacific Harvest products not only add a visual layer to the plate, but they also adds texture and makes a dish a bit more interesting.

I been using Seaweed in many different ways, it goes well on breakfast, lunch, dinners, soup, salads, snacks, smoothies, treats…  let your creativity runs wild.

Amy Mccomb – Plant Rhythms Herbal Medicine Clinic

Pacific Harvest’s high quality seaweeds are the real thing – harvested straight from the ocean in their raw form,  and are particularly nutritious and wholesome in that they are unprocessed. (With the exception of being carefully dried!) The seaweeds can be added straight to soups or salads and other foods or simply eaten straight. Karengo is a really palatable seaweed for adults and children alike .
I am very grateful to these folks for their harvesting efforts and good work that enables us to have easier access to local NZ seaweeds. I have been using Pacific Harvest’s seaweeds for at least 10 years for family and in my work with Plant Rhythms Herbal Medicine Company, and we continue to have fabulous results.
Thank you Doug and Louise for all your efforts.

Gina Wilson, BHSC, B’Ed Tchng, ND, DipHerbMed

Thank you so much for supporting us at our Biomedical seminars by providing tasty dishes and numerous and delicious samples for seminar attendees to experience. Your product is so fresh and tasty and just exceptional quality.

I admire and share your passion for education around sea vegetables, their many benefits for our health and the fact they are so versatile. I regularly direct my clients to your site not only to find stockists in their area but to look at your excellent recipes. Your seaweed stock recipe is my favourite, especially for my vegan clients and the dressings and  salsa recipes are used daily in our house.

Rachel Miller Co-Owner/Manager Wild Earth Organics

We have worked with Pacific Harvest for over 15 years and absolutely love their product range which is constantly growing and improving in all ways.

They have been brilliant to deal with, they really put their heart into what they do and it’s been a pleasure to do business with them.

Karen MeesBHSc. ND.

I’ve used Pacific Harvest Seaweeds for 15 years now, as a Naturopath my favourite has always been the recommendation of Kelp as a great natural source of Iodine. I use kelp salt in all my family meals and often recommend it to clients and customers of Naturally Organic.

I’m such a fan of the nutritional benefits of Seaweed I incorporated education and demonstration of Seaweed recipes in the cooking weekends of a Nutrition Diploma for several years.  My top 3 reasons for recommending seaweed are Iodine, Magnesium and Omega 3 essential fatty acids. These are all nutrients often needed in higher amounts in the New Zealand Diet. As I’m a great believer in “food as medicine” Pacific Harvest Seaweeds are naturally one of my favourite therapeutic foods. They are great quality and taste great too.

Giapo Icecreams

Amazing service Amazing produce

Maria Middlestead Registered Clinical Nutritionist Award Winning: Author, Educator, Nutritionist, Speaker

As a clinical nutritionist who is also a former chef, food has to look great, taste great and leave me feeling great. I am a fan of Pacific Harvest products for achieving all this – as well as convenience. Their recipes, workshops and tastings readily woo people into the pleasures of good food and good health. I highly recommend them to my patients.

Graeme and Wendy, Bad Boy Pickles

We have dealt with the pacific harvest people for more years than I care to remember, their personal and product quality contributions to our indigenous product manufacturing endeavours has been considerable. We have never had a bad moment with Pacific,their product range and quality and customer service just keeps on getting better “ – cheers –

Nicola Cranfield The Brooklyn Kitchen Health Coaching

I am so grateful for Pacific Harvest quality seaweeds, they’re a super high quality product.  It’d be rare meal time that one of their products doesn’t get added to the mix; I love the added pop of flavor and extra nutrition.

Nikki Morgan,Wellpark College

At Wellpark College of Natural Therapies we run a number of Nutrition and Eating for Better Health Community courses each year. In these courses we talk a lot about the benefits of Kelp and Iodine and Pacific Harvest have been kind enough to supply our students with samples and recipes of their Kelp and seaweed products. Our lead tutor Dianna Tawharu is very particular about the kelp products that she recommends in class and prefers these days not to use seaweed products in her demonstration that have been harvested in Japan. As Pacific Harvest products  are made from New Zealand seaweeds and Kelp, Dianna feels confident cooking with and recommending all of the Pacific Harvest kelp / seaweed product range. We always have great feedback from students who have not always encountered or cooked with kelp before and we are delighted that they leave our classes knowing more about the amazing health benefits of kelp and seaweed and where to buy it from.

Farro Family: Pacific Harvest

Pacific Harvest has been providing innovative ingredients to Farro Fresh since we opened in 2006. They are a key supplier and an important member of our Farro Family. We have a wonderful working relationship and we are thrilled to have them on our shelves. They are delightful to work with and are always motivated to help build customer awareness for their products. Pacific Harvest collaborate with us to educate, inform and teach customers how to use their new and unique ingredients through workshops, tastings and featured recipes. They have a strong commitment to quality and provide us with trusted ingredients, which we are proud to have in our stores.

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