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Making Low Sugar Jams & Spreads with Agar

 Rhubarb, Orange and Walnut Jam, perfect with croissants! This rhubarb jam is a low sugar fruit jam, but provides the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. The crunchiness of the nuts and  golden colour of the peels & ginger give it great texture.  Unlike pectin, Agar doesn’t need sugar to form a gel. It should not […]

Making Seaweed Wraps from Different Seaweed Leaves

Most people’s first experience of seaweed is sushi, considered ‘fast food’ in Japan. Although sushi is delicious, and a great way to start appreciating the taste of nori, the seaweed wraps are often over processed and glazed with flavoured salty mixtures to make them shiny and resistant to the ambient moisture, which would make them […]

Seaweed Smoothies To Surprise and Delight

Seaweed is a nutrition powerhouse – definitely one of nature’s superfoods, it simply contains everything the body requires: all minerals, trace elements & vitamins, essential amino & fatty acids, anti-oxidants, fibre, protein, no cholesterol, very low fat, low GI sugars, and a store of life extending compounds that science is just starting to understand. Seaweed […]

Seaweed Gifts for Someone Who has Everything!

What do you give the person who has everything? Tired of presenting beautifully wrapped chocolates or wine?  Well seaweed has the answers you have been looking for! Seaweed gifts offer: nutritional powerhouses surprising flavour – naturally umami in flavour they can add flavour and texture to a wide variety of meals a range of fascinating […]

Nori and Karengo Seaweed, What is The Difference?

For many, sushi is our first contact with seaweed as a food. Sushi is made from a versatile seaweed known as ‘Nori’ – the Japanese word that refers to a group of red seaweeds traditionally classified as ‘Porphyra‘ *. There are many different types of porphyra around the world (over 100 different species) and although […]

Seaweeds – What Are They?

Seaweed are the most ancient plants on earth and are at the base of the food chain. They have an amazing impact on all life on earth, including us humans.

Seaweed & Pulses – a match made in Heaven?

Pulses food are very high in protein & fibre, and are low in fat. Combine them with seaweed and they become more digestible & their mineral count increases.

Seaweed products: Are They All the Same?

Now that Seaweeds are enjoying a revival, a new popularity, there are more & more options on the market. How to choose, what to consider?

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