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What are the Health Benefits of Irish Moss?

Irish moss’s nutritional profile is quite impressive. This is why this amazing seaweed is thought to have a positive effect on a wide variety of ailments.

Experiment with Irish Moss Traditional Recipes

Irish Moss is traditionally given to nourish & boost the body when recovering from a serious illness or medicinally for respiratory & digestive ailments.

Why We Promote Kelp Sea Salt as the Best Salt Alternative

It has been assumed that, with the implementation of the iodised salt, iodine deficiency disorders would be a thing of the past, not so!!

How Agar Assists Weight Loss Naturally!

It’s claimed that some Japanese women use Agar every spring to cleanse their bodies and loose weight.  They simply add ½ tsp of Agar powder to their tea and drink it 10 minutes before the evening meal.  According to Professor Takako Yasuoka, this creates a feeling of fullness, thus reducing the need for much food. […]

Seaweed & Pulses – a match made in Heaven?

Pulses food are very high in protein & fibre, and are low in fat. Combine them with seaweed and they become more digestible & their mineral count increases.

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