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Seaweed in the kitchen: culinary information, tips and methods

Creating Meals with Umami Flavour

Strong Umami dishes are the result of the synergistic combination of different Umami foods as well as the releasing & concentrating of the amino acids.

Getting Started With Seaweeds

One of the most common questions we answer is, ‘How do I eat more seaweed?’  More people are understand the nutritional & wellness virtues of seaweeds, but seek to understand how to use it more regularly without changing their daily habits. Seaweed can be eaten fresh from the sea, just the same way we collect […]

Top 10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Seaweed in Your Kitchen

Knowing where to start using seaweed regularly, in our existing daily menus, can seem slightly daunting. You may be surprised to learn that before World War One, most coastal communities ate seaweed to supplement their diet, used it as medicine, building material and fertiliser for their crops. The Japanese, who typically consume a large amount […]

Using Atlantic Dulse Seaweed in the Kitchen

Naturally dried Dulse seaweed leaves Dulse, a red seaweed from the Atlantic (many know it as ‘Atlantic Dulse’ as a result), has been used as food & medicine for centuries. It is harvested from the wild in north east of America, Ireland & Iceland. It is enjoying a revival at the moment, dubbed ‘the next […]

Cooking with Wakame Seaweed

Wakame has a mild taste that gives it great versatility. In Asian cuisine, you may find it floating in miso soup, but in the west, Wakame is also commonly used to add interest, a nutritional boost and fibre to meals. It has a spinach-like flavour with a fresh sea aftertaste; the texture  is silky with a […]

Why Use Nori Seaweed – Wild or Farmed?

Karengo, is closely related to Japanese nori and Welsh Laver. Collectively they are the most consumed seaweed in the world, get inspiration!

Using Agar in Raw Food Recipes

Raw food recipes often present challenge with texture, especially when trying to make them low calorie & low fat. The naturally occurring gel in seaweed has no fat and very few calories while providing a lovely texture and many essential nutrients. Agar is not strictly raw since it needs to be brought to 90 degrees centigrade […]

Using Agar as an Egg Substitute

Agar is excellent to replace egg white in recipes

Replacing Gelatine with Agar

Unlike gelatine (derived from the collagen inside animals’ skin and bones), Agar comes from seaweed. A positive gelatine substitute, Agar has no taste, no odour, no colour, and sets more firmly than gelatine. Agar is more potent than gelatine, sets at room temperature, and stays firm even when the temperature heats up. Using Agar as […]

How Much Agar to Use

Agar is a natural jelly in seaweed

Making Seaweed Sheets from Different Seaweed Leaves

Most people’s first experience of seaweed is sushi, considered ‘fast food’ in Japan. Although sushi is delicious, and a great way to start appreciating the taste of nori, the seaweed wraps are often over processed and glazed with flavoured salty mixtures to make them shiny and resistant to the ambient moisture, which would make them […]

Seaweed Smoothies To Surprise and Delight

Seaweed is a nutrition powerhouse – definitely one of nature’s superfoods, it simply contains everything the body requires: all minerals, trace elements & vitamins, essential amino & fatty acids, anti-oxidants, fibre, protein, no cholesterol, very low fat, low GI sugars, and a store of life extending compounds that science is just starting to understand. Seaweed […]

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