manuka smoked salt 400g
New Zealand Manuka Smoked Salt (Natural, GM Free)-400g
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New Zealand Manuka Smoked Salt (Natural, GM Free)-400g


As a seaweed specialist you may question why a Manuka Smoked Sea Salt which contains no seaweed is in our range! The simple answer is that this is a very special product and has a loyal and slightly obsessive fan base.

This mouth-watering organic New Zealand sea salt is lovingly hot smoked in small batches, using a fragrant NZ Manuka which results in a unique and highly desirable, chemical free flavour!  Manuka Smoked Salt will enhance the salinity of your food and is perfect for anyone from meat-eaters who want to beef up a BBQ rub or marinade, to vegans and vegetarians looking to add flame-grilled flavour to their food.  In our opinion, sea salts are preferable to rock salts because the sea has an abundance of minerals, trace elements and vitamins which are no longer present in our depleted soils.

This is our hospitality pack but if you prefer a trial size to get started look here.  We have a range of natural sea salt products including Kelp Sea Salt and Seaweed Sea Salt if you sure you are definitely shopping for a seaweed infused salt! Visit our recipe section for inspiration

How to Use Manuka Smoked Salt

Use this unique manuka hot smoked sea salt as a dry rub for meats or add to your marinade.  Sprinkle on any vegetarian food to bring a smoky flavour (bacon without the bacon!).  Sprinkle over popcorn or in your sweet or savoury baking instead of regular salt for a unique flavour.  Add to sauces and garnishes, pasta, potatoes or even a cocktail! We’d love to hear your suggestions

Directions:  Sprinkle to taste.

Ingredients:  Manuka Smoked New Zealand Sea Salt 100%

1600 servings per pack.

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  • Sustainably harvested
  • Processed in approved food grade facilities
  • High in nutrients
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Product of New Zealand

Storage: Store in a dry place – seal securely once opened.

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