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Furikake Grilled Asparagus

Make little furikake seaweed seasoned asparagus rafts and grill with gusto!

Seaweed Vegetable Pickle

This pickle recipe uses a simple brine to ferment vegetables. The fermentation results in healthy enzymes and a fantastic vegetable crunch.


Kombu leaves lend their umami flavour to this cured tuna loin. Seaweed’s high concentration in minerals is a substitute to salt during the curing process.

Dulse & Spirulina Popcorn

A guilt free popcorn snack with a difference, bursting with health!

Spirulina & Cacao Bliss Balls

Bliss balls with spirulina & cacao is a great way to get spirulina regularly in your diet. Easy to make, it’s a great super-food snack, try it!

Spirulina & Matcha White Chocolate Cheesecake

This raw spirulina & matcha cheesecake (from chef Heather Pace) is as nutritious as it is delicious!

Seaweed Tuna Poke – Hawaiian Style

Tuna Poke recipe, is basically ceviche Hawaiian style – raw, fresh, simple and quick to make.

Dulse Chips

Dulse chips – delicious, nutritious and crunchy.

Dulse Vegan Potato Cakes

These dulse potato cakes have great texture & flavour, and because of the seaweed ingredients, provide excellent nutrition too!

Sea Spaghetti Winter Fruit Salad

This sea spaghetti winter fruit salad recipe by Prannie Rhatigan (from the ‘Irish Seaweed Kitchen’ cookbook), will keep several days and can even be frozen for future use.

Sea Spaghetti Pasta & White Fish Parcels

Add interest, flavour and a burst of nutrition with the addition of sea spaghetti to this already healthy meal!

Sea Lettuce Green Salsa Recipe

This sea lettuce salsa recipe is really easy to make and has a bit of heat from the jalapeno. It’s delicious with corn chips or as a garnish on fish or tofu.

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