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Wakame Vegan Brazilian Stew

Vegan stew inspired by a Brazilian seafood recipe. Wakame Seaweed is part of the secret in creating this uniquely flavourful dish.

Grilled Salmon & Seaweed Salad

The WOW factor in this Japanese grilled salmon is the seasoning, a mix of chilli, various seaweeds & sesame seeds. The magic of the dish lies in the clean flavours & the various textures in the dish.

Orange, Cucumber & Wakame Salad

A refreshing and cleansing wakame seaweed receipe which helps to bind and expel environmental toxins.

Wakame Miso Soup

Miso soup is the comfort food of Japan. It’s made using seaweed stock, wakame and fermented miso paste. The soup is simple, nourishing & easy to digest.

Seaweed Tuna Poke – Hawaiian Style

Tuna Poke recipe, is basically ceviche Hawaiian style – raw, fresh, simple and quick to make.

Wild Wakame Oven Baked Salmon

Thanks to the wonderful flavour from New Zealand Wakame leaves imparts on this salmon, you will keep returning to this recipe over and over again!

Seaweed & Watermelon Salad with Tahini Dressing

This watermelon salad recipe by Chef Ottolenghi is a feast of colours, flavours and textures. A refreshing balance of sweet & savoury for a hot summer night

Wakame & Asparagus Stir-fry

Wakame asparagus stirdry is nutritious, delicious and quick to make.

Wakame, Shiitake & Kale Soup

This wakame soup recipe uses wild wakame Leaves which are normally a khaki colour. This nourishing soup is an excellent match of colours, flavours & textures.

Wakame Sweet Potato Cakes

This potato cake recipe is an easy way to add seaweed into your diet. Loved by kids & adults alike, these cakes are tasty, colourful and very nutritious.

Wakame Orzo Soup with Mediterranean Tapenade

This simple & colourful wakame soup recipe is so easy to make! The left-over tapenade is delicious as a sandwich spread, on crackers or crusty bread too!

Wakame, Ginger and Edamame Grilled Tofu Steak

If you think that tofu Steak are flavourless, try this recipe by Bill Granger – the sauce & the salad make this tofu steak truly delicious and the seaweed adds a nutritional boost.

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