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Charred Cabbage With Kelp Butter

Kelp is full of Umami flavour & health giving nutrients – this cabbage recipe will surprise and delight.

Seaweed Spaghetti, Ginger and Carrot Salad

This seaweed spaghetti salad by Ottolenghi is colourful, delicious & full of crunch! Sea Spaghetti looks like dark fettuccini & has a ‘al dente’ texture.

Karengo & Flounder Rolls

Flounder recipes can be boring, but not this one!  Jan Bilton added Karengo, wine, and whitebait or crab to the flounder and created a delicious combo with excellent colours.

Seaweed & Prawns Soba Noodle Salad

Beautiful to look at & delicious to eat, this winter prawn salad is quick to prepare & full of flavour. A bonus is the added goodness from the seaweeds.

Smoked Kelp Crusted Lamb & Bean Salad

A satisfying dish for a cold winter night. Smoked Kelp flavours, tenderises & reduces the need for salt flavouring, producing meat that is tender & juicy.

Wakame Shortbread Biscuits

Try this savoury wakame shortbread biscuit, you’ll love the colour & the crunch and the wakame adds a nutritional boost too.

Smoked Kelp & Snapper Kedgeree

A dish of spicy rice, flaked fish, hard boiled eggs, fortified with nutrients provided by the seaweed, this kedgeree will surprise and delight.

Wakame with Lime Crusted Tofu

This Tofu Salad recipe by Chef Ottolenghi is a delight for the eyes & the palate. What makes the recipe very special is the flavour & texture combinations the wakame brings.

Citrus Furikake Seared Tuna with Asian Herb Salad

A delicate & refreshing dish for a light & nutritious meal! Furikake seaweed seasoning adds colour, texture & flavour.

Chilli Kelp Spiced Lamb

Neena and Belinda made this gorgeous Spiced Lamb Loin Recipe with our Chilli Kelp seasoning on TV ONE’s My Kitchen Rules NZ. Kelp tenderises and reduces cooking time whilst adding a wonderful flavour.

Sea Spaghetti & Carrot Salad

Looking for a new twist for your carrot salad? This great tasting recipe from Ireland is colourful and loaded with essential minerals & iodine.

Agar Coconut Water Jelly with Berries

These coconut water jellies with berries are as refreshing as they are pretty to look at! Agar is a vegan alternative to gelatine, with wonderful nutritional value – a pantry staple for everyone.

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