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Grilled Salmon & Seaweed Salad

The WOW factor in this Japanese grilled salmon is the seasoning, a mix of chilli, various seaweeds & sesame seeds. The magic of the dish lies in the clean flavours & the various textures in the dish.

Lemon Kelp Crusted Salmon Fillet

This baked salmon recipe uses lemon kelp as a rub, a great alternative to salt.

Kombu Leaf Wrapped Salmon

Grilled salmon is delicious cooked in re-hydrated Kombu Leaves. The Kombu imparts nutrients, a great umami flavour and preserves moisture during cooking.

Wild Wakame Oven Baked Salmon

Thanks to the wonderful flavour from New Zealand Wakame leaves imparts on this salmon, you will keep returning to this recipe over and over again!

Seaweed Tartare & Lime Cream Crepes

The seaweed tartare is excellent on crepes for a light meal or interesting breakfast.

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