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Sea Lettuce Butter Recipe

Sea Lettuce Butter Recipe

Sea Lettuce Butter Recipe

Difficulty: Easy


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This sea lettuce butter recipe has an umami flavour thanks to the sea lettuce. Sea lettuce is an iron rich food and brings of soft and subtle flavour to your butter. Add a little garlic kelp to experiment with flavour. Delicious on new potatoes or fish fillets.



  • Leave the butter to come to room temperature then whip it vigorously until light and creamy.
  • Add in the Sea Lettuce Flakes and continue to beat gently until incorporated.
  • Add lime zest or garlic kelp as you prefer for different flavour alternatives.
  • Roll into a log and wrap well in baking paper and plastic film.
  • Refrigerate until needed.


  • Seaweed butters are another great way to add sea vegetables to one’s diet and introduce umami flavour to meals.  Sea Lettuce is high in glutamic acid, which is responsible for that flavour known as ‘umami’.

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