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Sea Chicory Sweet Milk Custard

milk custard
photography credits: Quentin Bacon

The jelly naturally present in some seaweed can be put to good use in the kitchen. Here, Sea Chicory, a red seaweed, is a key ingredient used here to make a delicious milk custard.


serves 4

8g dried Sea Chicory
400ml milk (for dairy free alternative use almond or soya milk)
:emon rind curl
4 tsp coconut sugar, maple syrup or 2 tsp honey
Natural vanilla essence

Cinnamon, fresh fruits, honey-orange water & pistachio nuts


Soak the Sea Chicory in cold water for 3-5 minutes. Drain and add the seaweed to the milk and add the lemon rind curl. Simmer gently for 20 minutes until milk thickens slightly. Strain the milk to remove seaweed and lemon rind and add sugar and vanilla to sweeten to taste. Pour into mould(s) while still hot. Refrigerate to set.

Chef’s Tips: Jellies may set lightly (eat with a spoon) or more firmly (un-mould them) depending on the natural levels of carrageenan in the Sea Chicory at the time of harvesting. Using seaweed in this way imparts many vitamins and minerals to the dessert, and the jellifying ingredient in the seaweed is soothing for the digestive tract.

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