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Vegan Jelly Recipe with Agar

Vegan Jelly Recipe with Agar

Vegan Jelly Recipe with Agar

Course: DessertDifficulty: Easy


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This vegan Blackcurrant Jelly Recipe with Agar, derived from a red seaweed, instead of gelatine, also has no artificial colours and flavourings. We have used blackcurrent to flavour this recipe but you can use any of your choice.
Agar is a great alternative to gelatine and provides a host of nutrients.
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  • 1 cup of juice (or powder*)

  • 1 tsp Agar powder

  • 1 tbsp maple syrup or 1 tsp honey – or to taste (optional)


  • Pour the liquids into a cooking pot and sprinkle with Agar Powder and sweetener of your choice (if using). Use a whisk, mix to combine and let stand for 10 minutes for the Agar to swell.
  • Place the pot on medium heat. Warm to dissolve the Agar and sweetener, while stirring.
  • When the mixture reaches a boil, simmer for 2 minutes while stirring to make sure all is dissolved. Remove from heat and ladle immediately into a flat dish. The mixture will set at room temperature.
  • Refrigerate for a faster and stronger set.
  • Before serving, cut the gummies into bite-size shapes.


  • * Instead of juice you can use powder. In this recipe we used 1 tbsp of Viberi blackcurrant powder in one cup of water
  • ** Jellies may ‘sweat’ when weather is humid. To prevent this, you may dissolve 1 tsp of corn starch (corn flour) with the agar into the liquid that you are cooking

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