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Karengo Laverbread

laver bread 1
Photo by Eat Weeds, a wild food guide to the edible plants of Britain.

Laverbread is a traditional Welsh delicacy made from laver, a Northern Hemisphere cousin of Karengo.
Appearances can be deceptive! This may not look appetizing, but it is very tasty and can be served as a snack on its own, with eggs in the morning, or fried with bacon and cockles as part of a Welsh breakfast. Try it, you will become a fan!


Serves 4

25g Karengo fronds
½ cup water
1 small leek, chopped fine
1 tsp butter , coconut or olive oil
20g medium oats or millet flakes
20g gluten-free bread crumbs
freshly ground pepper to taste
oil for frying

* Smoked Kelp can be added to impart a delicate smoky flavour


Place the Karengo in a pot with the water and simmer gently, stirring occasionally, until the seaweed is soft and almost dissolved (about 30 minutes). In a separate pan, fry the leek in the butter or oil until bright green. Transfer to a bowl and combine with the Karengo , breadcrumbs and seasoning. Form into cakes, roll in the cereal flakes and fry in the oil until golden. Serve with eggs and roasted tomatoes for breakfast or as a snack with chilli dipping sauce and fresh vegetables.

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