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Dressings & Garnishes

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Nori Pesto

Karengo Pesto is delicious as a spread or garnish with a variety of foods, and bursts with nutrition.

Sea Lettuce Butter

Add a unique umami flavour to butter with sea lettuce and smoked kelp. Delicious on fish and new potatoes.

Seaweed Vegetable Pickle

This pickle recipe uses a simple brine to ferment vegetables. The fermentation results in healthy enzymes and a fantastic vegetable crunch.

Kombu Marinade for Grains, Vegetables, Fish or Meat

This kombu marinade will help you create strong umami dishes. It’s easy to make & absolutely delicious on everything!

Seaweed Salt Tzatziki

Spice up your home made tzatziki with some Seaweed Salt. Bringing the ocean to your favourite dip. This is a great addition to platters.

How to Make Irish Moss Gel at Home

Irish Moss can be used in vegan and vegetarian cooking, or beauty treatments or to build immunity. There are many ways to purchase Irish Moss but we prefer going back to source – the raw seaweed. You will need to make a gel from this raw seaweed but you can rest assured the goodness from […]

Dulse Pesto

Seaweed pesto is a wonderful way to add seaweed to your diet. Here we use Dulse, a brightly coloured, smoky flavoured seaweed that is also high in iodine.

Agar Fat Free Tarragon Dressing

This fat free dressing is a great example of what can be achieved using Agar which harmonises the texture of this dressing without the fat, and is nutritionally dense at the same time.

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