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Irish Moss

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Cleansing Irish Moss Drink

A cleansing Irish moss seaweed drink that will help to clear toxins from your body.

How to Make Irish Moss Gel at Home

Irish Moss can be used in vegan and vegetarian cooking, or beauty treatments or to build immunity. There are many ways to purchase Irish Moss but we prefer going back to source – the raw seaweed. You will need to make a gel from this raw seaweed but you can rest assured the goodness from […]

Irish Moss Blanc-Mange – A Modern Take on a Traditional Recipe

Irish moss is a useful alternative to gelatine and is used in many desserts (including this traditional Irish one) to set the pudding.

Raw Chocolate Espresso Pudding with Irish Moss

Try this vegan, raw delicious and nutritious dessert which uses Irish Moss seaweed as a key ingredient.

Vegan Fruit Snack – Blueberry & Irish Moss Fruit Leather (Low Sugar)

Fruit leather is a healthy snack as long as there’s no added sugar; this vegan recipe uses seaweed and chia seeds to get the right texture & lots more nutrients.

Nut Milk Inspired Irish Moss

The addition of Irish Moss to this Nut Milk recipe adds a unique creaminess texture, not to mention boost of nutrients and minerals.

Dulse Smoothie with Berries & Irish Moss

Jam-packed with antioxidants, protein, vitamins & minerals, and over 1,700 mg of omega-3s, this delicious seaweed smoothie is a nutritional powerhouse!

Irish Moss Smoothie Bowl

Great summertime brekkie filler or light and tasty snack for those peckish times in the day.

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