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Sea Chicory

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Vegan Seaweed Umami Broth

Roasting vegetables along with umami-rich ingredients (miso, mushrooms, and kombu) give this meat-free broth a deep flavour, rich colour and nutritional profile.

Seaweed Tuna Poke – Hawaiian Style

Tuna Poke recipe, is basically ceviche Hawaiian style – raw, fresh, simple and quick to make.

Sea Chicory Salad with Sprouts & Cucumber

This fresh & crunchy Sea Chicory Salad is a delight year round. Seaweeds & sprouts combined make it visually striking as well as nutritious.

Sea Chicory Sweet Milk Custard

This milk custard recipe is thickened using a seaweed full of natural jelly, Sea Chicory. The end result is a creamy custard loaded with many essential nutrients.

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