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Sea Lettuce

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Sea Lettuce, Potato & Leek Soup

Adding sea lettuce to this delicious, delicate soup brings improved nutrition and lovely flavour.

Seaweed & Seed Snack

This seaweed snack contains 3 different seaweeds, one from each colour group, providing a wide range of nutrients & therapeutic benefits.

Sea Lettuce & Pumpkin Buckwheat Risotto

This colourful buckwheat risotto is a deliciously satisfying & warming dish. The Sea Lettuce adds a bright green touch, flavour & much nutrition to the dish.

Seaweed Tartare & Lime Cream Crepes

The seaweed tartare is excellent on crepes for a light meal or interesting breakfast.

Sea Lettuce Leaves with Roasted Pineapple

Sea Lettuce pairs really well with fruits. The bright colour never fails to lift the look of a dish, and delicate taste means a dish often doesn’t need any additional seasoning.
This surprising combination with roasted pineapple is visually stunning, easy to prepare and really pleasing to the taste buds!

Seaweed & Prawns Soba Noodle Salad

Beautiful to look at & delicious to eat, this winter prawn salad is quick to prepare & full of flavour. A bonus is the added goodness from the seaweeds.

Sea Lettuce & Goat Cheese Scrolls

Sea Lettuce pairs well with goat cheese; the creaminess balances the slight saltiness of the seaweed and makes a delicious pastry snack/

Sea Lettuce Butter

Add a unique umami flavour to butter with sea lettuce and smoked kelp. Delicious on fish and new potatoes.

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