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Seafood & Fish

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Blinis with Smoked Salmon and Sea Grapes

This recipe using blinis, cold smoked salmon or gravlax and Sea Grapes is quick & easy to put together. A wonderful combo for a special brunch celebration !

Wakame Wrapped Smoked Salmon Rolls

Simply re-hydrate in tepid water and it will expand to recover its original shape & texture, its nutrients still intact.

Dulse Fish Pie

An easy fish pie recipe is a winner in many households: nutritious (especially when it features seaweeds). This one plate meal is the ultimate comfort food- the dulse provides a lovely flavour and boost of nutrients!

Sea Lettuce Butter

Add a unique umami flavour to butter with sea lettuce and smoked kelp. Delicious on fish and new potatoes.

Seaweed & Prawns Soba Noodle Salad

Beautiful to look at & delicious to eat, this winter prawn salad is quick to prepare & full of flavour. A bonus is the added goodness from the seaweeds.

Karengo Crêpes with Cockles, Leeks & Spinach

Old school with a modern twist, crêpes are wonderful with sweet or savoury fillings. Here the karengo is added to the basic batter, which gives the crêpes a purple, burnished hue and great flavour.

Karengo & Flounder Rolls

Flounder recipes can be boring, but not this one!  Jan Bilton added Karengo, wine, and whitebait or crab to the flounder and created a delicious combo with excellent colours.

Nori Seasoned Gratin of Oysters

Karengo seaweed seasoning is delicious on lamb and seafood. Try it on oysters for a boost of flavour and nutrition.

Wild Wakame Oven Baked Salmon

Thanks to the wonderful flavour from New Zealand Wakame leaves imparts on this salmon, you will keep returning to this recipe over and over again!

Sea Spaghetti Pasta & White Fish Parcels

Add interest, flavour and a burst of nutrition with the addition of sea spaghetti to this already healthy meal!

Seaweed Tuna Poke – Hawaiian Style

Tuna Poke recipe, is basically ceviche Hawaiian style – raw, fresh, simple and quick to make.


Kombu leaves lend their umami flavour to this cured tuna loin. Seaweed’s high concentration in minerals is a substitute to salt during the curing process.

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