Red Sea Chicory Seaweed – 25g
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Red Sea Chicory Seaweed – 25g


Sea Chicory is a red seaweed which may seem confusing because it comes in different colours! Read our blog article on Sea Chicory to learn more if you are as fascinated by this seaweed as we are!

How to use Sea Chicory:

Re-hydrate and add to salads as a colourful, crunchy and mild tasting addition or  garnish a poke bowl or any dish for that matter!  The delicate fronds of Sea Chicory will add wonderful visual appeal as well as a nutrient density other garnishes would find hard to match!

Add straight from the bag to soups or broths for added nutrients.

Directions:   To re-hydrate, soak seaweed in tepid water, stock or juice to soften (it will take on the flavour of what it has been soaked in). It will expand (to several times it’s dry size), brighten in colour, and assume a crunchy texture. Add near the end of cooking, avoid soaking for too long. If you leave it soaking for too long it will start to feel more gelatinous and the fronds will become less delicate and precise – this is normal for a red seaweed.

When you have soaked the seaweed be sure to tip the water it has been soaking into a nearby pot plant and watch with amazement over the next week or so as your plant laps up the nutrients and minerals in the water!

Also available in a green colour. Note the green colour will fade to a beige colour if left in sunlight so ensure you keep it covered if you prefer green, or leave out in direct sunlight if you prefer a lighter colour.

If you are already a fan and would prefer our hospitality size, consider the 100g box.

Ingredients: Sea Chicory (Chondracanthus chamissoi) sea vegetable 100%.

25 Servings per pack

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  • Sustainably harvested
  • Processed in approved food grade facilities
  • High in nutrients
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Excellent iodine iconLow fatplant based icon gluten-freeGm-free




This seaweed is sustainably harvested, naturally dried to preserve nutrients.

Product of Peru. Packed in New Zealand.

Sea Chicory offers a good source of Iodine.
Gluten Free, GM Free, Low Fat. Plant Based.
We test for contaminants according to the ANZ Food Standards Code.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Seal securely once opened.

Allergens: MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: Crustacea, Fish (molluscs).

Warning: Wild harvested – check for detritus.  Contains naturally occurring iodine. Excessive consumption may exceed recommended daily dietary intakes which could have adverse effects.

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