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This seaweed blog is a collection of blog articles on the ocean’s superfoods.

Imagine a carbon negative food source which is iodine and iron rich (as well as offering a range of other vitamins, minerals and nutrients like calcium and Vitamin B12), offers plant protein, a source of vegan collagen, has been associated with detoxification, gut health, the reduction of inflammation, is dairy and gluten free, offers a range of new flavours…imagine seaweeds, or sea vegetables!

Our blogs are divided into two categories:

  1. General information about seaweeds
  2. Information about specific seaweeds you may be interested in

5 Reasons A New Raw Nori Snack is Better for You and Better for Our Planet

Why eat a raw Nori snack, you ask? We have been fans of raw nori seaweed for years and we continue to offer larger boxes of both wild harvested and farmed nori (also known as karengo in New Zealand). But our mission is to make it easier for people to eat seaweed everyday~ to remove […]

Iodine and Seaweeds – Why Iodine is Essential and Why To Get it From Seaweeds

Learn all about iodine and seaweeds – why iodine is essential, what happens if you don’t have enough, where to get iodine from and why we believe adding seaweed to your diet offers the best natural, bioavailable source of iodine, rather than taking iodine supplement,or eating foods which have been chemically fortified with iodine. What […]

How To Use Atlantic Dulse Seaweed In Your Kitchen

There are so many ways to use Atlantic Dulse in every day meals! You may ask, “What is Atlantic Dulse?” Dulse is a red seaweed that grows naturally throughout the Atlantic, so it’s typically referred to as ‘Atlantic Dulse’. It has been used in food and medicine for centuries for wellbeing – from ancient times all […]

How to Make Irish Moss Gel at Home

Make Irish Moss gel at home using a raw method, or you can add a little heat to speed up the process if you are in a rush. Irish Moss can be used in vegan and vegetarian cooking, or beauty treatments or to build immunity. There are many ways to purchase Irish Moss but we […]

How To Use Irish Moss Seaweed Gel.

Learn how to use Irish Moss seaweed in a number of different ways – a functional food, or a home remedy for coughs and colds or to boost immunity. We also offer some DIY beauty treatments with super easy recipes you can try at home.  This is a remarkable red marine algae (seaweed) which offers […]

The Remarkable Health Benefits of Irish Moss Seaweed

The health benefits of Irish Moss seaweed are extensive.  This red marine algae has exensive medical and cosmetic applications, some of which have been used since the 1830s – we’d call that tried and tested! This amazing seaweed has been thought to have a positive effect on a wide variety of ailments including: Lung conditions […]

What is Irish Moss Seaweed?

What is Irish Moss? Is it the same as Sea Moss?  The short answer is yes, but as always read on for clarification! ‘Sea Moss’ has become a bit of an umbrella term for a number of species of red seaweeds (sea mosses) which produce  a jelly-like substance in their cell walls.  The two main […]

All About Kombu Seaweed

About Kombu – What is it? Kombu is simply the Japanese word for dried sea kelp.   Kombu/Kelp/Haidai, are large seaweeds (algae) belonging to the brown algae (Phaeophyceae) in the order Laminariales. There are about 30 different genera* around the world (see Laminariales for more information).  Various species of kelp grow around the world, according […]

Why Eat Kelp Seaweed and All The Ways You Can Enjoy Eating It

Kelp is the collective name for approximately 300 species of brown seaweeds belonging to the order of Laminariales. Kelps grow close to the surface, in coastal waters and near rocky plateaus, and tend to thrive in colder seas. Kelp is a highly edible sea vegetable which offers unmatched iodine, naturally occuring as well as a […]

Seaweeds And Umami – Add Deliciousness to Your Cooking & Learn About Some of the Surprising Health Benefits!

Strong Umami dishes are the result of the synergistic combination of different Umami foods as well as the releasing & concentrating of the amino acids.

Why Kelp Salt?

Why kelp salt instead of table salt, or plain sea salt or rock salt? The choices can be overwhelming. This article aims to give you a little more knowledge about kelp salt to help you decide what is best for you. For years, doctors and government regulators alike have been telling us to reduce our […]

Sea Salt vs Rock Salt – Which Is Better?

There are different types of unrefined salts available, which is best? Like sugar, salt has been portrayed as a vilain, what’s the evidence?

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