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8 Reasons Why We Use Seaweed as a Salt Substitute and Garnish

Many ask us, ‘Can I use seaweed as a salt substitute? The answer is a resounding yes! In fact, we think seaweed is the new salt!  

There is an increasing body of evidence which links eating a little seaweed regularly, to multiple health benefits – including reduced inflammation, improved digestion and sleep, reduced blood pressure and more health benefits.

Many commercial seasonings are laden with excess salt and or sugar.  We think a sprinkle of seaweed seasoning, or simple seaweed flakes, instead of table salt, or highly processed seasoning is far better…read on for our 8 reasons why!

Photo by cottonbro

Our 8 reasons to use seaweed as a salt substitute or garnish

When you swap regular table salt for seaweed, there are many benefits to be had, beyond simply enjoying the salty flavour a salt can provide. Here are 8 reasons why we think seaweed makes an excellent swap for a simple sodium chloride!

  1. Sea vegetables are whole foods, unlike salt which is a processed product. Seaweeds contain fibre, a wide range of vitamins and nutrients required to support main body functions. Experts agree that nutrients are most potent and often better absorbed when they come from whole food. Whole foods, like seaweed, contain hundreds of other benefits such as antioxidants, carotenoids, flavonoids and minerals, which are not present in simple table salts.
  2. Seaweeds to contain lower amounts of sodium chloride, and higher amounts of potassium salts so can have a positive impact on lowering blood pressure. Potassium is an essential mineral for balancing blood pressure and it is not present in table salts as it is in seaweeds.
  3. All seaweeds offer a good source of iodine which is essential for optimal health. Again, iodine is lacking in table salts. In fact, many salt products have been chemically iodised to fortify them. Brown seaweeds especially, such as kombu, kelp or wakame offer unparalleled sources of iodine.  This iodine is naturally and readily available from the ocean, so there is no need to consume chemically iodised table salt ever again! If you struggle with thyroid related problems, simply swopping your table salt to a kelp salt can make a difference!
  4. Sea vegetables offer a range of dense minerals besides potassium and sodium – e.g. magnesium and selenium. Many of these minerals are not present in salts which have originated from the land (eg rock or Himalayan salts).
  5. Seaweeds are known to offer a wonderful range of umami flavours to meals – each species has it’s own unique flavour profile. Experiment with the seaweed rainbow of brown, green and red seaweeds~ try furikake or the power of three seaweed flakes
  6. Seaweeds offer great value for money!  A sprinkle of seaweed goes a long way due to its nutrient density. Use seaweed seasonings in the same way you may use common seasonings such as thyme, oregano, parsley.
  7. Have a long life in your pantry if stored correctly – due to the abundance of mineral salts and the very low water activity of dried seaweed, they will last a long time if stored in air-tight containers and are protected from light.
  8. Seaweeds are carbon negative eco-engineers – arguably the plant based food of our future due to their incredible environmental credentials!
furikake seaweed
Furikake contains a blend of seaweeds, offering a range of nutrients with wonderful flavours.

Try some of these seaweed inspired seasoning option to introduce new flavours and more nutrients to your meals.

Replace theseWith these seaweed-based alternatives
Salt/Rock Salt/Plain Sea SaltSeaweed Salt, Kelp Salt, Kelp seasoning, Kelp powder, Power of Three flakes
Chemical stocksSoak a Kombu leaf or strip in your stock water
Garlic /ChilliGarlic Kelp/Chilli Kelp seasoning
MSG/AromatKelp powder, Kelp seasoning (particularly Garlic Kelp seasoning), Furikake
Parsley / PepperSea Lettuce*, Kelp powder, Dulse flakes**
Anchovies /MushroomNori Flakes
Liquid Smoke/HickoryManuka Smoked Atlantic Dulse Flakes, Manuka Smoked Salt
* a delicate, sorrel like flavour
** known as the vegan bacon

Disclaimer: The information contained in this blog article is intended to inspire and inform. It has been gathered after years of working with this amazing seaweed. It is not a replacement for personalised medical advice. Please consult a healthcare practitioner if you require tailored health advice.

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