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This section of our blog contains a selection of blog articles including why eat seaweeds, how to include sea vegetables in your every day diet, general information about seaweeds as a food source.

Seaweeds And Umami – Add Deliciousness to Your Cooking & Learn About Some of the Surprising Health Benefits!

Strong Umami dishes are the result of the synergistic combination of different Umami foods as well as the releasing & concentrating of the amino acids.

Start Eating Seaweed Today! 5 Useful Tips On How To Incorporate Seaweed in Everyday Meals

One of the most commong questions we are asked is, ‘How do I start eating seaweed?’. Here are some useful tips and suggetions on how to easily incorporate seaweed into what you are already eating so you don’t need to re-invent the wheel when it comes to what you consume on a daily basis! Increasing […]

Seaweed for Detox – 5 Ways Seaweeds Uniquely Help to Cleanse!

Detox gently everyday by adding seaweed to your diet. Enable the body self-regulatory mechanisms that naturally eliminate toxic substances & invaders.

Our 10 Top Tips for Eating Seaweed

Our ten top tips for eating seaweed are a great place to start if you are new to the world of sea vegetables (also known as seaweeds). Knowing where to start and how to use them in your kitchen can seem slightly daunting. Don’t worry – sea vegetables come in so many varieties, many of […]

Why Eat Seaweed? 5 Reasons To Embrace This Superfood from The Ocean

Seaweeds were the first plants on earth & the very foundation of the food chain. They have played an important role from the very beginning of life on earth.

Understanding The Full Nutritional Value of Seaweeds: Vitamins, Minerals, Protein, Carbohydrates & Fat

The nutritional value of seaweed far surpasses that of land plants. The first plants on earth, they are among the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet.

Whats the No1 Best Seaweed To Buy? Try the Seaweed Rainbow – Red, Green and Brown

Best seaweed to buy / which one you should eat depends on a few factors: the culinary application, the sensory experience and also the nutritional needs.

How Does Eating Seaweed Help to Balance the Body’s Efficient Functioning?

Seaweeds balance the body by supplying all the basic elements critical to optimal functioning, including boosting metabolism & regulating various activities.

All The Ways Seaweed Can Nourish Our Bodies

Seaweeds nourish & have been a staple in the diet of the healthiest people in the world, supplying all the nutrients essential to health & emotional balance.

Seaweeds vs Land Plants – How Are They The Same and Different?

Seaweeds vs land plants – definitely not a competition but learn a little more about how they are different. To be able to compare them, lets explore what seaweeds are, (and why we should care!) a little first! What are Seaweeds? Seaweeds are technically not plants but algae. They may be single cellular or multi-cellular, […]

Learn About Wakame Seaweed – A Deep Dive into the History and Traditions of Wakame

Learn about wakame (Undaria pinnatifida) seaweed’s long, rich tradition in kitchens around the globe, for its culinary uses and nutritional value – let’s take a deep dive into the history of this fascinating sea vegetable or seaweed, also known as Undaria. About Wakame’s origins – Where does it come from? The origin and much of wakame seaweed’s […]

Learn All About Green Seaweeds

Seaweeds are technically classified as algae – they all photosynthesise as land plants do, but are non flowering and do not have leaves, roots, leaft shoots or sophisticated methods for transporting water and nutrients. This article explores Green seaweeds fully and hopefully inspires you to try it out today! All seaweeds contain the light harvesting […]

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