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Using Atlantic Dulse Seaweed in the Kitchen

6a639b1dd66bb479 dulseNaturally dried Dulse seaweed leaves

Dulse, a red seaweed from the Atlantic (many know it as ‘Atlantic Dulse’ as a result), has been used as food & medicine for centuries. It is harvested from the wild in north east of America, Ireland & Iceland. It is enjoying a revival at the moment, dubbed ‘the next kale’ and the ‘vegan bacon’ due to it’s smoky flavour.

Dulse seaweed is a nutritious food that was used as a natural remedy for scurvy, goiter and general malnutrition. Traditionally, it’s been eaten dried as a snack, with no cooking required. It has also been used as a mineral-rich salt replacement for those on a low salt diet who are after greater quantities of minerals other than sodium.

The seaweed Dulse, is often considered one of the best tasting varieties for beginners as it has a mild smoky flavour and when roasted/fried, some say it tastes like bacon. Dulse is one of the most versatile seaweeds and should be a pantry staple.  Depending on how it is prepared the taste can vary, eaten on it’s own its quite salty. The texture is soft and chewy but the leaves are thin so they don’t need soaking. When used in soups & stews the texture becomes smooth & buttery. Baking can intensify the flavour.

Using Dulse seaweed in the kitchen: Flakes and Leaves

Dulse goes well with eggs, white fish, dairy products, starches, capers, onions, grains & bread.
Add flakes or leaves raw to salads, tartare, slaw, pickles, pesto, tapenade or dressings.
Cook in soups, stews, chowder, fish pies or add as a garnish to fish, vegetables, or sautéed in butter.
Bake in biscuits, breads or crumble over savoury dishes
Fry with spices or nuts & seeds.
Use in place of tea for smoking fish, mushrooms or chicken

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