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Seaweed Gifts for Someone Who has Everything!

What do you give the person who has everything? Tired of presenting beautifully wrapped chocolates or wine?  Well seaweed has the answers you have been looking for! Seaweed gifts offer:

Ideas for Giving Seaweeds as Gifts:

  1. don’t gift seaweed that has not been cleaned, tested or dried properly.  Seaweeds available near cities or inhabited areas risks being contaminated; they can be used as ornaments but shouldn’t be consumed. Purchase food grade seaweed from a reputable source OR learn about foraging for seaweeds and follow responsible practices to ensure seaweeds collected for food are not contaminated.
  2. Make food gifts with your seaweed supplies. For example, Nori pesto, jams, dressings, flavoured butters, furikake pastry sticks, mint jelly…..
  3. If you are short on time, make up a seaweed gift basket – some ideas include:


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