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Sea Spaghetti – A Gluten Free Pasta Option


Sea Spaghetti is a brown seaweed particularly rich in magnesium and other vitamins and minerals.  It can be used in salads, soups, deserts or to complement a pasta bowl (increasing the plant content in a subtle way!).

It’s been admired by chefs for it’s ‘delicate, smoky flavour’ and adds great visual appeal and interest to any dish it’s included in. Sea Spaghetti can take on the flavour of whatever you choose to soak it in when rehydrating the dried branches. Try ginger tea or even cherry!

Ideally it should be mixed with other ingredients as it’s very rich in iodine so one could easily eat in excess of the recommended daily dose if one were to eat sea spaghetti alone.

Sea Spaghetti has a high sodium level and should be soaked in fresh water for +20 minutes before cooking.

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