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This is a collection of blog posts about specific seaweeds you may wish to know more about.

All You Need to Know About Sea Spaghetti

Seaweed Spaghetti, hot new superfood? Chef Jamie Oliver has praised its mineral-packed charms, while Heston Blumenthal adores its delicate, smoky flavour.

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The Surprising Health Benefits of Agar from Weight Loss to Gut Health

The health benefits of Agar are surprising and varied. Increasingly, it is being recognised as a superfood, due to the amazing health benefits it offers when consumed as part of our daily diet. Let’s explore some of the ways in which it supports our wellbeing below. Agar is the name for the natural jelly produced […]

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At Least 7 Mindblowing Benefits of Dulse ~ A Delicious, Delightful, Life Changing Sea Vegetable!

The benefits of dulse, or Atlantic Dulse as it’s commonly referred to, are broadly categorised into health and flavour. Atlantic Dulse is an incredible superfood of the sea – ihas remarkable, unique nutritional benefits that you can incorporate into your diet and it happens to taste particularly delicious too! For centuries, this sea vegetable, with […]

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7 Easy, Delicious Ways To Use Wakame Seaweed

People use Wakame seaweed because it has a delicious, mild, soft and subtle flavour that gives it great versatility in cooking, whilst offering incredible health benefits due to the dense nutrients, minerals and vitamins it contains.  Pacific Harvest offers a farmed and wild harvested wakame. The Increasing Popularity of Wakame Although wakame has been a […]

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Why Eat Wakame Seaweed? The Wonderful Nutritional and Health Benefits of Wakame

Why Eat Wakame? Well, as a start, wakame is a marvellously flavourful sea vegetable with a soft subtle flavour, but perhaps more importantly, it has bona fide ‘superfood’ status due to it’s mineral and nutrient content.  As one of the most well known varieties of edible seaweed, Wakame (Undaria pinnatifida) offers many nutritional benefits, and can […]

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The Amazing Health Benefits from Eating Nori, Karengo, Laver or Luche!

Karengo is a top seaweed for protein & selenium. It is also rich in essential minerals/vitamins and contains unique compounds for good health

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Vegan, Raw Cooking with Awesome Agar

Raw food recipes often present challenge with texture, especially when trying to make them low calorie & low fat. For vegan raw cooking and baking, Agar powder will be a hero ingredient in your pantry, if you are not already using it!  Agar, the jelly product produced by many red sea vegetables, is available in […]

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8 Top Tips on How To Use Agar

Agar is a natural jelly in seaweed

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Seaweed Smoothie Recipes To Surprise and Delight

Browse our seaweed smoothie recipes and explore all the ways seaweeds can add excellent nutrients and minerals, as well as new interesting flavours to your smoothies! Seaweed may not be the very first thing you think of when you think about your morning smoothie, but read on to discover why we think it should be! […]

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Make Your Own Awe-inspiring Seaweed Sheets At Home!

Are you tired of buying seaweed sheets from the supermarket?  Here are some tips and tricks to make your own, honest ones with no added preservatives, at home. Experiment with new flavours and blend different garnishes into your sushi sheets  – don’t let your imagination limit you.  Avoid Highly Processed Seaweed Sheets – Full of […]

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All You Need to Know About Nori Seaweed

Learn all you need to know about Nori seaweed in this article which shares our perspectives and learnings so far about this incredible sea vegetable.  For many of us, sushi is our first introduction to the wild and wonderful world of edible seaweeds, or sea vegetables, as they are better termed. Well Nori is the […]

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