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How To Use Atlantic Dulse Seaweed In Your Kitchen

There are so many ways to use Atlantic Dulse in every day meals! You may ask, “What is Atlantic Dulse?” Dulse is a red seaweed that grows naturally throughout the Atlantic, so it’s typically referred to as ‘Atlantic Dulse’. It has been used in food and medicine for centuries for wellbeing – from ancient times all the way through to modern day. Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the sea vegetable pool, or seaweed has been a staple of your diet for years, there are endless ways to use this seaweed in a variety of ways in your kitchen, whilst enjoying and reaping the health benefits it offers.

Use Atlantic Dulse leaves

Wild Harvested and Sustainable Atlantic Dulse

Harvested from the wild in the northeast of America, Ireland and Iceland, Dulse is a sea vegetable which grows in abundance and is a highly sustainable food source, requiring no additional water or fertilizer to grow. Our harvesters air dry it naturally, immediately after harvesting, to preserve its freshness for consumption, which preserves the nutrients. Because it is rich in minerals and nutrients as well as being naturally salty, dried Dulse has a long shelf life if stored in an air tight container in a pantry.

Atlantic Dulse – A Superfood Sea Vegetable

Dulse has been enjoying a revival in kitchens around the globe in recent years – dubbed ‘the next kale’ and used as ‘vegan bacon’ due to its naturally smoky flavour.

Dulse is a nutritious sea vegetable that has traditionally been used as a natural remedy for scurvy, goiter and overall malnutrition. With its renewed popularity, we are rediscovering this uniquely delicious and versatile sea vegetable, which can be purchased as both dulse flakes and dulse leaves for convenience. 

Dried Dulse leaves are often eaten as a raw salty, savoury snack with no cooking required. It also makes a great mineral-rich substitute for salt if you are on a low-sodium diet – not only does dulse contain lower sodium levels for improved health, but it also offers greater quantities of minerals than regular salt. Dulse is also an excellent source of plant protein (around 20%) so it makes a great choice for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone else looking to incorporate the ocean’s superfood into their diet, with a high iodine content for thyroid health which can only be absorbed through our food. Dulse offers excellent iodine and can also be used as a source of iron, magnesium and potassium. It’s also said to contain Vitamins A, B12, C and E plus Omega 3.*

Wellness advocate and bestselling author of the Medical Medium, Andrew William, has spotlighted Dulse as an incredible ingredient for health and wellbeing, including as a great addition to smoothies to assist with heavy metal detoxing.

easy fish pie
Fish Pie with Dulse

How to Use Atlantic Dulse – So Versatile and Delicious!

Considered one of the best-tasting varieties of sea vegetables for those new to the world of marine gastronomy, dulse dried seaweed has a mild smoky flavour and, when roasted or fried, has a naturally plant-based ‘bacon’ flavour due to it being a rich umami source. With endless ways to prepare and enjoy dulse, make this versatile sea vegetable a pantry staple.

Depending on how it is prepared, the taste and texture of dulse can vary. Eaten on its own, it is quite salty, so when cooked with other ingredients it adds seasoning and an umami depth of flavour.

Texturally, dulse tends to be soft and chewy with thin leaves that don’t need soaking before eating. When used in soups and stews, the leafy seaweed texture becomes smooth and buttery, melting into the other flavours in the dish, whereas when used it baking, its flavour tends to intensify. Dulse flakes are especially good for imparting natural salt flavour into your cooking as they blend easily into any dish.

How to use Atlantic Dulse in Your Meals

  • Dulse pairs well with eggs, white fish, dairy products, starchy vegetables like potatoes and kumara, capers, onions, bread and grains.
  • Add flakes or leaves raw to salads, tartare, slaw, pickles, pesto, tapenade or dressings.
  • Cook in soups, stews, chowder, fish pies or add as a garnish to fish, vegetables, or sautéed in butter.
  • Bake in biscuits, breads or crumble over savoury dishes.
  • Fry with spices or nuts and seeds.
  • Make a vegan DLT (Dulse Lettuce Tomato) by pan-frying dulse sea lettuce leaves for a smoky, naturally salty taste paired with garden lettuce and tomato slices.
  • Use in place of tea for smoking fish, mushrooms or chicken.
  • Pacific Harvest has launched a range of Manuka Smoked Dulse flakes which have a subtly sweetness and smoky richness – an ideal ingredient to add extraordinary flavour and additional nutrients to pasta, fish, meat or vegetarian dishes – use in savoury baking, soups or stews.

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Disclaimer: The information contained in this blog article is intended to inspire and inform. It has been gathered after years of working with this amazing seaweed. It is not a replacement for personalised medical advice. Please consult a healthcare practitioner if you require tailored health advice.

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