Bakers Delight Seaweed Bundle (Agar Powder 50g, The Power of Three Flakes 18g, Kelp Powder 45g)


Our New Bakers Delight Seaweed bundle includes seaweeds that every baker should have in their pantry – Agar Powder 50g+ The Power of Three Flakes 18g+ Kelp Powder 45g.

If you love to experiment with new flavours and or are plant based and constantly seeking new, sustainable ingredients to bake with, this is the pack for you!  You can still purchase them individually, or save 20% when you buy them in a bundle.

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The Bakers Delight contains Agar Powder 50g+ The Power of Three Flakes 18g+ Kelp Powder 45g. Please see individual nutritional panels for the full breakdown of each seaweed.

Note: Apologies this bundle offer is not available to our valued wholesale customers shopping on our website.


Bakers Delight seaweed bundle
Bakers Delight Seaweed Bundle (Agar Powder 50g, The Power of Three Flakes 18g, Kelp Powder 45g) US$18.44
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  • Sustainably harvested
  • Processed in approved food grade facilities
  • High in nutrients
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excellent source of iodine gluten free low fat gm free plant based

This Bakers Delight seaweed bundle contains: Agar Powder 50g+ The Power of Three Flakes 18g+ Kelp Powder 45g .  All three seaweed seasoning products are tested for contaminants in accordance with the ANZ Food Code. Agar Powder is sourced from India because although agar can be extracted from red seaweeds that grow around New Zealand, there is no Agar processing capability in New Zealand at a food grade level.

Kelp powder is made from Kelp sustainably harvested from New Zealand and The power of three flakes contains a blend of seaweeds harvested abroad in Europe – either because the seaweeds don’t grow here (Sugar kelp and atlantic dulse) or because although they grow here, they are not currently able to be commercially harvested in New Zealand (Sea Lettuce).

All seaweeds are hand packed in our food grade facility in Auckland and tested for contaminants to comply with the New Zealand food code requirements.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Seal securely once opened.

Allergens: MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: Crustacea, Fish (molluscs).

Warning: Contains naturally occurring iodine. Excessive consumption may exceed recommended daily dietary intakes which could have adverse effects.
Wild harvested. Check for detritus.

Why Bake with Seaweed?

Why bake with seaweed?

There are multiple reasons to bakes with seaweeds – if you are plant based and seek natural products rather than processed chemical seasonings, seaweeds are a great pantry item to keep stocked.

  1. Seaweeds are naturally rich in a range of minerals and trace elements, many of which are unandant in the ocean but depleted in our soils. When you add seaweed, you add a salty flavour but with less sodium and higher mineral content so this is a fabulous alternative for those on a low sodium diet.
  2. If you are baking savoury recipes, seaweeds offer the original source of umami flavour without the need for adding chemicall enhanced seasoning. Umami is known as the ‘fifth flavour’ -it will often intensify the other flavours in a recipe. You will note on the frond of a dried wild harvested seaweed, that a fine white fluffy powder rises to the surface of the frond as it dries. This is glutamine, an amino acid which is naturally occuring in seaweed and is the source of umami flavour. The Japanese scientist who invented MSG was trying to replicate this powder in his lab when he created this chemical version.  Read more in this blog article to understand the role seaweeds play in umami flavour. You no longer need to use chemically laden seasonings in your kitchen when you have delicious seaweeds in your pantry.
  3. Seaweeds offer plant based, chemical free seasoning options for someone who loves to bake, but also cares about better ingredients for our planet. Seaweeds are carbon negative foods – requiring no additional water to grow, no fertiliser and producing a significant amount of our planet’s oxygen, whilst absorbing carbon dioxide.
  4. Each seaweed in unique in its flavour and texture, in the same way that brocoli and kale are very different to each other, although they are both green land vegetables! Check our recipe section for baking inspiration.

How to Use the seaweeds in this bundle

How to use the seaweeds in the Bakers Delight Seaweed Bundle?

  • Agar powder is a plant based, alternative to gelatine – essential for the vegan and or vegetarian baker but not just for plant based folk. Agar has a number of health benefits, is easy to bake with,  and there are a surprising number of ways to use it including as an ingredient in fat free dressing.  Try creme brulee, panna cotta, jellies, cheesecaskes or tarts with agar as an alternative to gelatine.
  • Kelp Powder – kelp is an excellent salt alternative if you are following a low sodium diet or looking to reduce your sodium. When you bake with kelp instead of salt you add all the extra nutrients and minerals in kelp that are not present in processed table salt. (refill pack available here). Try banana bread, cookies.
  • The power of three seaweed flakes – pop seaweed flakes into your savoury baking to add delicious umami flavour and as an alternative to salt. The power of three contains sea lettuce, Atlantic dulse flakes and sugar kelp  – a blend of a green, brown and red seaweed, which gives you added flavour, colour and a burst of extra nutrients. Simply delicious in focaccia, savoury scones and breads/sour dough. (Refill pack available here).

All of these seaweeds are wild harvested, and air dried naturally to preserve nutrients, then tested for contaminants according to the Australia New Zealand food code.