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Raw, Dry Seaweeds

We stock a wide selection of wild harvested and sustainably farmed seaweeds.

Wild harvested leaves & fronds


Alaria seaweed is closely related to Wakame and can be used in all the same ways Wakame is. Visit our recipe section for inspiration. The white powder you see on the surface of the leave is 'umami' the natural flavour of the seaweed which rises to the surface of the leaf as it dries and which gives recipes prepared with seaweed their wonderful flavour.

Irish Moss
Irish Moss

Irish Moss is a type of red seaweed from the Atlantic that’s been used for centuries to set puddings and strengthen malnourished individuals. It's become a pantry staple for those on a raw diet. Visit our recipe section for inspiration, 0r see our blog on how to work with Irish Moss.

Sustainably farmed Seaweeds

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