Kelp Seaweed Seasoning – Lemon, NZ, Natural – 50g


Kelp seasoning is a great way to add umami flavour to your meal. The kelp gently tenderises what you are cooking, reducing cooking time and improves digestibility. Kelp is densely nutritious – high in iodine, calcium, magnesium,  vitamins A, B2, B6 and Omega 3. It also contains important disease fighting compounds. Check out our range of plain or flavoured kelps to give every meal a nutritious boost.

Many use kelp as a salt replacement, enjoying the salty flavour but with the benefit of improved nutrition.

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  • Sustainably harvested
  • Processed in approved food grade facilities
  • High in nutrients
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What are kelp seaweed seasonings?

Pacific Harvest has recently refreshed our award winning range of GM free flavoured kelp seasonings. We are proud to offer garlic, smoked, chilli and lemon flavoured kelp seasonings.

Kelp contains glutamic acid, the amino acid that tenderizes beans and meats and makes them more digestible, improving the texture of your meal, and the umami flavour in the kelp will add depth and flavour to your meals.  This range is a great alternative to those on a low sodium diet as the kelp provides the salty taste reducing the need for sodium.


What are the health benefits of kelp seaweed seasonings?

Kelp is classified as a Brown Algae, the seaweed group that generally boast the highest iodine content  Kelp seasonings are the easiest way to add kelp (and all it’s nutritional value) into your diet.  This range of seasoning is a healthier alternative for those on a low sodium diet.  .

How do I use kelp seasonings when cooking?


Garlic Kelp – this can be added to almost anything before, during or after cooking – stir fries, chicken or meat, on fresh avocado, guacamole.  When blanching or steaming vegetables, season with a few drops of healthy oil and sprinkle with Garlic kelp as you would do with salt. Experiment with kelps as a way to make flavoured butters; see our version of garlic butter for this bruschetta recipe.

Smoked – use before, during or after cooking. It’s great as a rub on pork (Smokey flavour and tenderises the meat). Also delicious on mushrooms, eggs, snacks, and makes a fantastic salad seasoning.  Try it with venison.

Add Chilli Kelp seasoning to root vegetables, pizza, beef, or combine the flavours of garlic & Chilli Kelp to give a Spanish twist to your dishes.

Lemon Kelp seasoning is a great addition to green vegies, chicken or fish

Lemongrass seasoning – chicken, seafood, curries. A great salt alternative.

For best results add the flavoured seasonings at the end of the cooking when flavouring a stew or casserole dish as prolonged cooking will weaken the natural flavours & destroy some of the vitamins.  Alternatively, just use half the seasoning during cooking and add a bit more to the dish just before serving.

Here are more recipe ideas on how to use kelp seasonings

Where is are the ingredients in Kelp seasoning sourced from?

Our Kelp is wild-harvested sustainably from designated coastal areas in New Zealand and tested for contaminants.  Pacific Harvest chose Ecklonia radiata (also called North Island Kelp), for its mild flavour and speckled colour. Our kelp comes from untouched areas of the North Island of New Zealand. It is harvested by hand from the wild, cleaned by hand, naturally dried and milled into powder and granules

Other ingredients are naturally derived, free from genetically modified ingredients.

Warning – cooking with Kelp seasonings.

Kelp is very high in iodine. The NZ RDI (recommended daily intake) for iodine is 150mcg. Consume in small quantities to stay within the RDI for iodine. Some individuals are extremely sensitive to iodine, especially those with ‘seafood allergy’.  A little bit too much in their diets and they begin to exhibit hyperthyroid signs and symptoms: nervousness, heart palpitations, sleeplessness, irritability and even iodine-induced goitre. There is controversy over how much iodine one should consume, seek the help of a qualified health professional for personalised advice before increasing the amount of seaweed in your diet.

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