Irish Moss Pieces – 200g


Irish moss can be used to make a gel to add fibre to smoothies, drinks or as an egg replacement for those on raw diets. It’s also used to make cosmetics.

Irish Moss seaweed is detoxifying and richly nutritious. It’s low in saturated fat, a good source of dietary fibre, Vitamin K, Calcium, copper and great source of Riboflavin, folate, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc and maganese.

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  • Sustainably harvested
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What is Irish Moss?

Irish Moss (Chondrus crispus) is a red algae native to the Atlantic coasts of Europe and North America. It grows to about 20cm tall and feels spongy. This seaweed is primarily known as a source of carrageenan as more than 50% of the dried weight can be made up of this unique carbohydrate.

What are the health benefits of Irish Moss?

Irish Moss has been used for centuries to reduce inflammation and strengthen those malnourished, fatigued and unwell.

Irish moss has also been used as a respiratory tonic, to soothe the digestive tract & skin and strengthen connective tissue & joints.

Irish Moss contains a ‘time released’ carbohydrate that provides a feeling of fullness.

Irish Moss contains many beneficial nutrients; in particular, sulphur, iodine, iron, magnesium, potassium & folate and a good omega3/6 ratio.

How do I use Irish Moss?

Irish moss is a pantry staple for those on raw or vegan diets.

Irish Moss is consumed differently to most other edible seaweeds because of it’s high mucilaginous content.

Traditionally irish Moss was simmered and consumed as a liquid broth or used as a thickener for puddings.

Today, it’s more common for the whole rehydrated plant to be pureed to produce a gel  which will give textures to a variety of foods and drinks like smoothies, cleansing tonics, deserts and sweet snacks.

Here are some recipe idea for Irish moss.

Where is Pacific Harvest’s Irish Moss sourced from?

Pacific Harvest sources Irish Moss from Ireland where it is abundant, and wild harvested. It’s naturally dried to preserve goodness.

Our Irish Moss has been tested for contaminants.


Warnings – Irish Moss seaweed.

Irish Moss contains carrageenan, a naturally occurring gelling ingredient in the plant. Carrageenan has been the subject of much controversy when it is processed & isolated, because the degraded version may have adverse health effects.

There is also some evidence that carrageenan may decrease blood pressure & slow blood clotting. Consult your health practitioner before consuming Irish Moss if you take medications for high blood pressure or blood thinners.

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Irish Moss Pieces – 200g
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