Kombu Seaweed Strips – 180g


Add nutritious, flavourful Kombu Strips to infuse stocks and soups, or add umami flavour to fish and meat. Cut into strips and stir fry for a healthy snack. Infuse drinks for a unique umami flavour.

Cut from Kelp harvested from New Zealand’s pristine ocean, air dried naturally to preserve nutrients and flavour, then tested for contaminants. The white powder you see on the leaf is what is said to give seaweed its natural umami flavour and is not to be confused with mould.

Directions: Soak in tepid water and gradually warm, then use the infused water for stock.

Ingredients:  Kelp (Ecklonia radiata) dried seaweed 100%.

720 servings per pack

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  • Sustainably harvested
  • Processed in approved food grade facilities
  • High in nutrients
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Low fatplant based icon Excellent iodine icongluten-freeGm-free




Tested for contaminants (ANZ Food Standards Code)

Product of New Zealand.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Seal securely once opened.

Allergens: MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: Crustacea, Fish (molluscs).

Warning: Contains naturally occurring iodine. Excessive consumption may exceed recommended daily dietary intakes which could have adverse effects.

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Wild kombu strips 180g
Kombu Seaweed Strips – 180g
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