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Cooking with Wakame

Wakame has a mild taste that gives it great versatility. In Asian cuisine, you may find it floating in miso soup, but in the west, Atlantic Wakame (alaria) is also commonly used to add interest, a nutritional boost and fibre to meals. It has a spinach-like flavour with a fresh sea aftertaste; the texture  is […]

Wakame’s Wonderful Wellness and Nutrition Benefits

Wakame nutrition & wellness properties come from its high concentration in essential nutrients and the presence of unique compounds that support the cardiovascular system, maintain hormonal balance, strengthen bones, improve circulation and promote skin health. In Asia, especially Japan, the nutritional value of Wakame has been widely understood for hundreds of years as is evidenced […]

Wakame – Friend or Foe?

Wakame (Undaria pinnatifida), has been regarded as a noxious invasive seaweed in countries other than those where it’s native.  Its believed undaria was introduced to foreign waters through the ballast water of  cargo ships from Asia, as the spores (gametophytes) contained in the water can survive long-distance journies. In New Zealand, Undaria (or wakame) was […]

Traditions of Wakame Seaweed

Oriental medicine has traditionally used Wakame for blood purification, intestinal strength, skin, hair, reproductive organs and menstrual regularity. It was also given to people recovering from disease. In Korea, the wakame soup (miyeokguk) is popularly consumed by women after giving birth because the seaweed contains high levels of calcium and iodine, nutrients that are important for […]

Wakame Seaweed Farming – An Interesting History

The origin and much of wakame seaweed’s history is found in Asia, especially in Japan. Native to cold temperate coastal areas of Japan, Korea, and China, in recent decades Wakame has become established in temperate regions around the world, including New Zealand, the United States, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Australia and Mexico. […]

Brown Seaweeds – All You Need to Know

All seaweeds can broadly be divided into three groups – red, green and brown. Just as we know we should eat a variety of land vegetable colours, so should we eat a variety of seaweed colours for optimal health. Brown seaweeds are known for their high iodine content.  This group includes some of the largest […]

Making Seaweed Wraps from Different Seaweed Leaves

Most people’s first experience of seaweed is sushi, considered ‘fast food’ in Japan. Although sushi is delicious, and a great way to start appreciating the taste of nori, the seaweed wraps are often over processed and glazed with flavoured salty mixtures to make them shiny and resistant to the ambient moisture, which would make them […]

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