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Karen MeesBHSc. ND.

I’ve used Pacific Harvest Seaweeds for 15 years now, as a Naturopath my favourite has always been the recommendation of Kelp as a great natural source of Iodine. I use kelp salt in all my family meals and often recommend it to clients and customers of Naturally Organic.

I’m such a fan of the nutritional benefits of Seaweed I incorporated education and demonstration of Seaweed recipes in the cooking weekends of a Nutrition Diploma for several years.  My top 3 reasons for recommending seaweed are Iodine, Magnesium and Omega 3 essential fatty acids. These are all nutrients often needed in higher amounts in the New Zealand Diet. As I’m a great believer in “food as medicine” Pacific Harvest Seaweeds are naturally one of my favourite therapeutic foods. They are great quality and taste great too.

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