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Karina, new customer Dunedin

I really enjoyed meeting you at Taste Nature…I was the last lady you spoke to on the day, Karina.

Thank you very much for the information you gave. I am SO pleased to have been educated about the seaweed benefits and the quality of your products. I do love seaweed and had looked at your products but it was a little difficult for me to buy due to the price. Having a better understanding of the benefits and qualities helps me to justify the expense and as you have explained, a small amount goes a long way.

I look forward to making seaweed part of my everyday diet and as my health is my number one priority I am very pleased to know that through your product I am gaining great nutritional value as well as health support. I cannot wait to purchase the spirulina as well.
Thank you very much Louise. I wish you and your husband all the very best. I am sure you have worked extremely hard to get the company to where it is today. May it grow and grow to be a great success and may many people benefit from your work.

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