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Nikki Morgan,Wellpark College

At Wellpark College of Natural Therapies we run a number of Nutrition and Eating for Better Health Community courses each year. In these courses we talk a lot about the benefits of Kelp and Iodine and Pacific Harvest have been kind enough to supply our students with samples and recipes of their Kelp and seaweed products. Our lead tutor Dianna Tawharu is very particular about the kelp products that she recommends in class and prefers these days not to use seaweed products in her demonstration that have been harvested in Japan. As Pacific Harvest products  are made from New Zealand seaweeds and Kelp, Dianna feels confident cooking with and recommending all of the Pacific Harvest kelp / seaweed product range. We always have great feedback from students who have not always encountered or cooked with kelp before and we are delighted that they leave our classes knowing more about the amazing health benefits of kelp and seaweed and where to buy it from.

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